Fenn Coffee is not your average coffee company. Our roots come from a deep passiont o provide premium coffee to elite athletes, weekend warriors, nature lovers, and adventure seekers. We stand out form the rest, not only due to our premium beans, but from the variety of products Fenn Coffee has to offer. Whether it's starting your day with our morning brew or our espresso shots for a mid-run boost, we are here to support your every adventure.


The seed was first planted when our founder and CEO, Max Fennell, was looking for a way to reach new heights in his performance as a professional triathlete. Anyone climbing their own personal mountain knows that when hitting plateaus they need something more to push them to the next level. Tired of reaching for the same surgary gels and bars that caused the notorious runner and biker GI upset, Max began his own journey to reimagine what he wanted his workout fuel to look like. That is when the 4 oz espresso shot was born! A natural way to get that mid-rrace caffeine boost, extracted from high quality beans with low acidity to mimimize GI upset.