About Fenn Coffee

Fenn Coffee sought to deliver on a need affecting many triathletes needs. high-quality coffee with low acidity to minimize effects  

Anyone climbing their own personal mountain knows that, when hitting plateaus, pushing to the next level requires more.  Innovation. Improvement. Something better.

That is precisely where Fenn Coffee began.  

After some time on the professional circuit, Max knew there was a need in the market where those pushing their boundaries could come for reliable mid-race burst. He needed something without the effects on your stomach that might come from pre workout or your run-of-the-mill coffee.  He needed something smooth, yet strong enough to gain the focus needed to push his PRs (to a new level).

Fenn Coffee strives to meet these unique profiles and craft them for those who seek their push past their plateau.  While inspired by our influencers and athletes, we believe all of those who aspire for their own peak will be emboldened by our carefully crafted blends.

Fenn believes in making the world a better place.  From employees, to growers, to roasters, we seek to enable our employees and partners to thrive like we do:

  • Fair-Trade Coffee -Organically grown beans    - Family and women-run farms
  • Low and zero-emission roasting  - Employees-first mentality